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Weekly Maintenance

Our weekly maintenance program includes thorough and proper care of your pool. Your biggest concern is to relax and enjoy the water!

What we do each week*:
    • Net and vacuum the pool
    • Brush the walls and tile
    • Empty all debris baskets
    • Balance chemical levels
    • Check the water level and advice as needed.
    • Check equipment and advise of any problems.

*Please see below for our service policies and additional charges.
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6010947Wind Policy:  In extreme windy conditions, we attempt to net andLeafMaster™ the pool, hoping to vacuum in the next week or two. This is so that we can service every pool in as timely a manner as possible.



Rain Policy:  In rainy weather, we net the pool, empty baskets, and check the chemical balance.  We will return to regular maintenance on the following week.  We do not vacuum in rainy conditions due to lack of visibility to the bottom of the pool.




6188236Conditioning:  Every spring, we conduct an annual conditioning of the pool water to gear it up for the warmer weather to come. This includes a cyanuric acid (conditioner) test, and the addition of conditioner and specialty chemicals as needed, such as scale controllers and algaecides, based on an individual pool’s demand.




5299266Filter Cleans:  The filter cleaning schedule for initial service is every four months, unless demands on the pool equipment indicate a need for additional cleaning.

*As a weekly service customer, a filter clean charge is $80.00.




7720265Water Level:  We cannot be responsible for pool water levels, but we will advise you if it is too low.  Our pool servicemen are not allowed at any time to add water to the pool.





4954299Salt Chlorination Systems:  These systems require additional maintenance and costs associated with upkeep.  The chlorinating cell typically needs cleaning every 2 to 4 months per most manufacturer specs. Additional salt and conditioner are periodically required, as well.




2621950Holidays: We clean the pool on or before most major holidays, with the exception of December.  We are closed between Christmas and New Years. This is to allow all of our employees to spend the holidays with their families.